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"The NAL® is the best academic program I have seen for two reasons: The NAL® thoroughly covers 22 subject areas, and all levels of students can compete in the program."
Frank Zerfas, Retired Principal, Pueblo, Colorado

"I will never forget the first time I was exposed to the NAL® program. I was a middle school principal and it was 1992. During the training session, when I saw how the NAL® program simulated athletic competitions, complete with officials, timeouts, shot clocks, and scoreboards, I knew that the program would fill a great motivational void for my middle school students. Now, with the NAL®, "egghead" students have a welcome place in which they can find appropriate recognition for being a super student. Best of all, the notoriety is contagious. Students in my schools and my districts have been irreversibly motivated to achieve academically. The parents have supported the NAL program with the same competitive zeal as they exhibit when following the school football or basketball teams in state competition. In some districts, "March Madness" is equated with the excitement of the NAL® playoffs instead of the NCAA Basketball tournament."
Michael Hall, Assistant Principal

"What a difference the [NAL®] made -- to put academics back on top. Great feeling of self-esteem develops -- win or lose."

"Great program -- we are enthused about next year. We have students interested already." "Powerful! Dynamic! Contagious! Fun! The highlight of the year!"

"Our school had a super year with the NAL®. We loved every minute. Team members and student body talk about the contagious spirit it created. The parents are thrilled. I'm especially grateful for the opportunity to work on this project. What a great year -- I'll never forget it. Thanks."


"I am so proud to have spent the last 19 years of my life in the classroom. The greatest day of my teaching life came when my principal showed me an outline of "the new game in town" -- the NAL®. For the last 11 years, the NAL® has given a sense of worth to guide intelligent children through a program that allowed them to let their intelligence shine instead of being ashamed that they were "nerds." The NAL has always been more than just learning facts, it has been a relationship that has taught them and me that you never settle for just "pretty good," it must be the best that you can give. I pushed them and they pushed back. . . I pushed harder and they followed suit. Never underestimate the power of a questioning mind. The students were there for the challenge. They grew and so did I. We grew because we realized that no matter what we learn, there is always more to add to it. The well was never empty. Talk about a challenge!!!!! How do you keep ahead of a group of 30 of the smartest kids in the school? They may be only age 12 to 15, but they have much more flexible brain cells than older people do. They never want to stop -- they just keep coming back for more. What a wonderful situation for a teacher to be in."
Carolyn Carmichael, Retired teacher, Houston, Texas

"Students learn a lot, have fun, work hard, and gain confidence." "When we had our meeting for next year's interested students, the room was packed! I think the [NAL®] have had a positive impact on our student body."

"The National Academic League® is the reason I am still teaching."


"I'm proud to be smart!"

"I worked harder than I had ever worked before."

"It's about getting the chance to prove yourself."

"I get my chance to show what I know."

"I love the camaraderie of the NAL®Team."

"You try your best and try to understand things you might not understand at first."

"I will never forget the fun I had."

"If it weren't for NAL®, I definitely wouldn't know who in the world Marie Curie was."

"We worked hard but it was worth it when we earned the title as the #1 team in America."

"I got to practice good sportsmanship." "I learned more in one NAL® season than I learned in the past two years of Jr. High."

"People who are not good with sports, but are smart, have a change to be in the lime light."

"I made new friends, including teachers. Students were brought together as a team and given recognition for being smart. The [NAL®] showed me a different side of teachers."

"It is nice to see the other side of people -- the smart side."

"It is fun to be on a school team. I couldn't ever make an athletic team."


"Thanks for changing my son. He came out of his shell and now he's a hero."

"The NAL® created a place were my daughter can feel part of a group. She doesn't worry about feeling disenfranchised in such a large student body." Elmquist, Esq. has also played an instrumental role in developing and implementing the NAL® program.