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Four Quarters of Academic Play
   The NAL® game questions not only reflect local school districts' curricula, they are also aligned to National Standards.  To understand how an NAL® game works, we have provided the following brief clips of each NAL® quarter.
Four Quarters provide variety, excitement, and audience interest. Game statistics and individual student scores are kept and used to recognize and motivate participants. The League champion will participate in the National Championship Tournament.



  • A team of 15 to 40 Academic Athletes

  • Commissioners, coaches, and officials/referees

  • Teachers, administrators, parents, community members, sponsors

  • Cheerleaders, half-time entertainers, and fans

    The Question Bank©

    The NAL® Question Bank© spans 22 subjects grouped under the basic subject curriculum areas of math, English/language arts, science and social studies. Students also solve real-world current-event problems. Questions are generated from participants across the country, as well as from materials used in schools and from criterion-referenced tests that meet the standards of No Child Left Behind. Each question has been correlated to National Curriculum Standards. NAL® questions serve as excellent teaching and assessment tools.
    National Tournament                                 

League Champions from urban, rural, and suburban teams across the nation network and compete in a single-elimination tournament played in March and April.

  • Brackets are determined through a randomized drawing.

  • Games are played by using video conferencing technologies.


  • Rules and Guidelines Book, Study Book

  • Season schedule

  • Four quarters

  • Fouls, time-outs, substitutions, and teamwork

  • Certified coaches and officials

  • Scoreboards and shot clocks

  • Local, regional, and national champions