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Sponsor a Team!

Sponsors receive recognition nationally and in their local communities for supporting their schools. Many school districts are interested in participating, but need sponsorship from local businesses, organizations, and parents. If you would like information about participating, contributing, or sponsoring a team, please contact us at  office@nationalacademicleague.org  or click here...

As a Sponsor You . . .

- Become a beneficiary of positive press in your community and nationally.
- Gain visibility in member schools and community groups.
- Receive a NAL® sponsor plaque to exhibit throughout your business community.
- Benefit from display space on the National Academic League® website, brochures, newsletters and other materials.
- Become a factor in affecting changes in the educational values of youth.
- Contribute in the process of developing and improving subject matter aligned with No Child Left Behind and National Curriculum Standards.
- Play a part in creating a unique resource pool of directed and productive employees.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit

The National Academic League® is a program of Terrel H. Bell & Associates, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation since 1991. This academic motivational program depends on individual and corporate contributions. Your contributions are tax deductible. 

Corporate Sponsors of the NAL have included: 

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