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National Tournament Count Down

The TerrelH. Bell National Championship Tournament is in progress. Watch the website to see who advances in the Sweet Sixteen, Elite 8, Final 4, and Championship brackets of academic
March Madness!

  Schedules and brackets here...

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NEW Trophy Choices for 2009

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  News from the National Tournament

NAL champs Wilbur Middle (Wichita Public Schools, Wichita Kansas) and Fairfield Junior (Davis School District, Farmington, Utah) played one another in a Sweet 16 bracket of
the National Tournament.                 
Wilbur Middle School NAL Team

From the Wichita NAL Commissioner, Colonel Robert Hester:

8th annual National Academic
League Awards Banquet at the Sedgwick County Extension Office.  More than 350 students, parents, school administrators and teachers attended.  Narrators for the banquet were Meagan Shannon from Stucky, and Danny Nguyen from Curtis. Keynote
speaker was Learning Services Division Director Susanne Smith who commended the NAL students and thanked coaches,
officials, administrators, and parents for their support. 
Hamilton Leadership Cadets presented the Colors and the National Anthem was sung by cadets Callie Hobkirk, Mariah Green and Brook Weakly from Brooks Middle Magnet Leadership Program. Mr. Dale Brotton gave the invocation.
Mark Mohesky prepared an outstanding video on this season's league which was enjoyed by all.

Individual awards were presented to NAL students in all schools for High Scorer, Most Valuable 3rd Qtr Player, and Most Inspirational. 

Team awards went to:
Brooks for Excellence in Sportsmanship
Hadley for most successful 3rd Qtr
Stucky for most improved
3rd Place finishers were Horace Mann and Robinson

Runner-Up champion - Hadley
District Championship Team  - Wilbur.

Special thanks to Beth Drescher for securing the Extension Office for us and to Northwest Grizzly Battalion for setting up and decorating the banquet room.



Issue: 3







Take 5 Q's 



1.Name the person who said:
 "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."


2. Explain the effect on the environment that may be caused by the current bee malady known as Colony Collapse Disorder?


3. Determine whether Joey the leprechaun, who has a pot of gold filled with 34 coins and gets 17 more coins but loses 5 coins while riding a rainbow, will still have half as many as his brother Liam. Then, calculate how many coins Liam has.



4. Name the US state known for "First in Flight" and explain why.


5. State the term for a a three-leafed clover or a plant similar to clover that serves as the national emblem of Ireland



Find the answers on www.nationalacademicleague.org

















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